Pastoral Notes 5th February, 2017

DESBOROUGH/ROTHWELL – Change of Mass Times from First Sunday of Lent 5th March

A compromise time is proposed by the clergy to improve the present situation, especially for the two occasions when the priest has to come from 8.00am at St Edward’s to celebrate Mass at Desborough (and once a month at Rothwell also). Now for all Sundays, including services with Deacon Keith, the times will be:- Desborough 9.15am and Rothwell 10.45am. Twice a month the Desborough Mass will still probably start a little late, but this way we can avoid gradually pushing the Rothwell Mass into Midday + and also the clergy will mostly be able to enjoy the company of the two communities after Mass, if rather briefly. I have tried to sound out both communities and would like to start this time-table from the beginning of Lent – a time of penance – and will review the results at the end of Lent. Many thanks for your co-operation. Canon John