Pastoral Notes 5th August, 2018

Stories old and new
If I am correct, 6th August, the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, is also the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan – two totally different lights – Pope Francis urges us to choose life. Saint Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers in the Middle Ages, established a ‘Third Order’ for lay members, which still flourishes today, like the third Order of St Francis of Assisi. St Dominic also established many ways of prayer, so that we can happily sit, kneel or lie on the ground as we are moved to do.
This week we also have a Jewish saint, St Benedicta, a very able convert in the 1920s in Germany. She was a philosopher but also became a Carmelite nun, along with a sister. Although moved by her Order to Holland, she was then eventually sent to her death in the concentration camp, an example to us all. On Friday we remember a deacon, St Lawrence, a martyr with the then Pope and others around 250 AD. Finally, St Clare, friend of St Francis: he said she understood his message more than anyone.