Pastoral Notes 4th September, 2016

St Aidan of Lindisfarne
“When St Oswald had come to the throne of Northumbria in AD 634, and wished to spread the faith among his people, he asked the monks of Iona to send him a bishop to preach to his pagan subjects. The first who came had no success and blamed the rude character and indocile disposition of the English. The monks called a synod to see what was to be done. Aidan, who was present, told the missionary the fault lay on him not the people. He had been too harsh and severe to an ignorant people, who ought first to be fed with the milk of milder doctrine till they should be able to digest more solid food. The assembly recognised Aidan’s gift of prudence and appointed him to be the missionary”. The king gave him the isle of Lindisfarne to be his centre, between Berwick and Bamburgh in Northumberland. The isle is cut off by the tides, only for the road to reappear at low tide, a worthwhile place to visit.