Pastoral Notes 4th March, 2018

Ist March was the feast of Saint David, patron saint of Wales, born about 520 AD. After being ordained priest, he withdrew to an island (perhaps Caldey, where there are Cistercian monks still?) and studied under a Welsh priest, St Paulinus, and later founded monasteries most famously at Mynyw (Menevia), now known as St David’s in south Wales. He was nicknamed ‘Waterman’ for only ever drinking water, hence a Lenten example!

Members of St Nicholas Owen community in Burton Latimer should know the feast of their patron was on Friday 2nd March. Nicholas was a lay member of the Jesuit Order and famous for his carpentry, building secret hiding-places for priests in the time of Elizabeth I. He was himself captured and died in the Tower of London under torture. A priest who survived, Father John Gerard SJ, wrote how the work of a builder saved the lives of countless priests “in all shires and in the chiefest houses of England”, including Rushton Hall, just outside Kettering.