Pastoral Notes 3rd March, 2019


We will very soon be entering the season of Lent in preparation for Easter.  The word ‘Lent’ is an old word for ‘Spring’ – the season of new beginnings and new life.  It is for us a quiet season of reflection on our faith, praying for a deepening of our faith seeing things afresh in the light of faith.  There are only two days of official fasting and abstinence from meat – on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – symbolic of a new step in faith, in hope, in charity.  It is a quieter time at Mass – no Song of Praise (‘Gloria’) sung after the penitential rite at the beginning of Mass – and decoration of the Church, flowers, are left aside for this season – giving a rest to those who serve us so well in that department.  Perhaps it is a chance to enjoy a quiet prayer in church more frequently.  The church is always open during the week – till 6.00pm or till the later evening Mass.