Pastoral Notes 3rd July, 2016

MARTYRS listed in Old Mass
Following the feast of St Peter and St Paul, the church keeps a feast of all martyrs of Rome. Some appear in the first eucharistic prayer, which lists a number of martyrs of Rome and elsewhere (after the 12 apostles) – Linus, Cletus, Clement (1st century bishops of Rome), Sixtus (127 AD), Cornelius (253 AD), Cyprian (N Africa 258 AD), Laurence, a deacon (257 AD), Chrysogonus (Roman official) (304 AD?), John & Paul (brothers (?), Cosmas & Damian (doctors giving free treatment, Arabia, buried in Syria). Later in the Mass: Ignatius (108AD), bishop in Middle East), Alexander (martyr ?), Marcellinus, priest, Peter, exorcist (304 AD), Felicity & Perpetua (wives, mothers, N Africa 203 AD), Agatha, Lucy (young women Sicily, 3rd century), Agnes, Cecilia (Roman martyrs), Anastasia (modern Hungary ?). All the above are honoured in churches in Rome.