Pastoral Notes 31st August 2014

We pray at this time for those in our parish and Pastoral Area on pilgrimage to Lourdes with the Lourdes Jumbulance for the sick and those with special needs. Lourdes is a fairly recent shrine of Our Lady, combining in a special way prayer, pilgrimage and care for the sick. Devotion to Our Lady through the centuries has been shown in many ways, including much-loved hymns, some in Latin still sung, such as ‘Salve Regina’, meaning ‘Hail, Queen of Heaven….’ This hymn was written by a man who died around 1054 AD, who was, as a child handed over to monks to care for, as he appears to have suffered from muscular dystrophy. The monks cared for him so well that he was able to grow in learning and musical gifts, and leave us beautiful long-lasting devotional music, – whatever our struggles God helping us to see we are made in His image and likeness, sharing his gifts and wonder.