Pastoral Notes 30th March, 2014


In Advent and in Lent there is a Sunday where the priest can wear rose-coloured vestments. It is the only time of the year! The Sunday in Advent, using the first word of the old Latin Mass, is called ‘Gaudete’ Sunday – meaning ‘Rejoice!’ In the same way, the Sunday in Lent is called ‘Laetare’ Sunday, also meaning ‘Rejoice!’ Through both the reflective and penitential seasons preparing for the great feasts of the year in the Church’s Calendar we are reminded that the ultimate meaning is ‘Joy’ at the all-encompassing love of God. In Lent, ‘Laetare’ Sunday is always the fourth Lent Sunday, an encouragement in our Lenten penance at a half-way stage. The Gospel of the healing of the man born blind recalls the light of baptism, the light of faith which we will celebrate especially at Easter.