Pastoral Notes 2nd November 2014

Padre Pio
During the Pastoral Area Pilgrimage to Rome and other shrines in Italy, the group visited Padre Pio’s Hospital and major shrines in San Giovanni Rotonda in southern Italy, and then also his birth place, which gives him his full name: St Pio of Pietralcina. His feast is on 23rd September. Sister Anita/Liz has kindly given us a present of a picture of the saint, now in the Lady Chapel at St Edward’s. Padre Pio was born in 1887 and died in 1968. He is often remembered for bearing the marks of Christ’s passion, the so-called ‘stigmata’, as did also St Francis of Assisi at the end of his life. Padre Pio was a Franciscan Friar. He had other interior crosses to bear, as he was stopped from celebrating a public Mass on at least two occasions, while a Vatican investigating body studied the matter in case of fraud. Padre Pio carried on in silence through all this. He is also remembered for his Hospital for the poor, still running to this day.