Pastoral Notes 2nd June, 2019

Old and New Saints and Friends
We hope to welcome Father Jo Kizito this summer. Providing he gets his visa in time, he should be arriving in mid-June and departing mid-August. He will be celebrating on 3rd June the feast of the Uganda Martyrs, SS Charles Lwanga and Companions, 19th century saints, young and not so young. In our church we have a picture of Blessed Cyprian Tansi, who died in Leicester General Hospital in 1964, also from Nigeria. He had been parish priest but with a companion took up the call from his bishop to travel to a monastery in England, Mount St Bernard’s Abbey – a Cistercian, strict community, where the monks kept silence strictly (and still do). The hope was to learn the monastic life and bring it back to Nigeria. Cyprian was unable to fulfil this hope, but his companion did, and the monastic life took root in Nigeria soon after Cyprian’s death. We also remember (Wednesday this week) St Boniface from Crediton in Devon, a missionary and martyr in Germany in the 8th century and their revered ‘Aposus’.