Pastoral Notes 2nd February, 2014

Less Priests ?
It has struck me that several priests have died in our diocese over this year, not all elderly as we know. We continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood and diaconate while aware of acute shortages in some parts of the world, and a growing concern here at home. This is a large subject for the whole Church in a time of great change, but many people are becoming aware on holiday in other parts of Europe of Sunday services of Word and Communion where a priest has perhaps many churches under his care, and considerable distances to cover.
In the parish you may have noticed services of Word and Communion being celebrated on Tuesday mornings at St Edward’s, 10.00am. With no Mass at St Edward’s on that day, we are allowed such a service, as occurs in many parishes now in similar circumstances. The leaders are all Eucharistic ministers already and chosen in different ways. You might consider joining in these simple celebrations, a somewhat more elaborate version of what happens when people who are housebound or sick receive Holy Communion at home or in hospital.