Pastoral Notes 29th September, 2019

Family Fast Day

On this coming Fast day, Friday 4th November, CAFOD invites us to fast, pray and give so that we can extend the hand of friendship to the worlds poorest people. This year our focus is on Fabiano’s village in rural Uganda which has been devasted by drought. Everyday children would trek for water, risking their safety and chances of education. Like others Fabiano would walk three miles back home. Fabiano is fortunate because donations from parishioners across England and Wales helped to install a solar powered water pump in his village. Now Fabiano and his friends can collect the needed water quickly and safely, four minutes from home. On Family Fast Day, CAFOD invites us to eat a simple meal for lunch or dinner and give the money we save to help children like Fabiano in other villages. On Sunday 6th October there will be a second collection and CAFOD asks that we give generously. CAFOD envelopes will also be on the pews for those who wish to Gift Aid their donation.