Pastoral Notes 29th April, 2019

A representative of our local Mosque in Kettering, most kindly and thoughtfully, has brought a bunch of tulips with a card to indicate the community’s sharing in the grief and suffering in Sri Lanka where so many Christian churches were attacked, so many Christians killed. He expressed particular abhorrence for any attempt in the Mass Media to link the atrocity with the other very recent attack in New Zealand where so many died when a Mosque in the capital was viciously attacked, again with so many lives lost.

We do appreciate the kindness of the Kettering Muslim Association and pray with them fervently for reconciliation and mutual care among all believers. Inam Khan writes in a card (along with flowers in church now): “Words fail me to express my sadness and outrage at the loss of innocent lives in Sri Lanka. May God Almighty grant their families and your community the strength to bear the loss and protect all the faith communities, and humanity.
You are in our thoughts and prayers. Kettering Muslim Association: Inam Khan.