Pastoral Notes 28th September 2014

As people set off for Rome and Assisi, Loreto and San Giovanni Rotondo, we might remember a very famous ancient book about pilgrims in our own country, travelling from various parts to a shrine in Canterbury to the tomb of St Thomas Becket, archbishop and martyr slain in his own cathedral on 29th December 1170. His tomb became a famous pilgrim site for people all over Christendom. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales are a collection of stories being told by pilgrims on their journey. Some are very pious and serious, others quite hilarious. So even today people travel together in a happy spirit, both prayerful and relaxed. And this October the diocese of Northampton is marking the 850th anniversary of St Thomas’s trial in Northampton Castle, from where he then fled to the Continent. St Thomas is secondary patron of both the Cathedral and our Diocese, after Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. (Cf poster in porch)