Pastoral Notes 28th January, 2018

CHURCH FEASTS OF THE WEEK Patron Saints of a country may be from many different countries. St Edward was for a while the patron saint of England, but, through the Crusades, the patronage of St George was preferred, a saint and martyr from what is now modern Turkey. St George is also patron of Russia. This coming Wednesday is the feast of St John Bosco, who lived in Italy during the time of the 19th century Italian war for unification of Italy, from Sicily in the south to the Italian Alps in the north. The Popes lost their papal states in Italy, being reduced to the tiny Vatican State we see today. But St John Bosco, who founded an Order of teachers who worked in India, became the patron of that country in due course.

On Friday this week, 2nd February, we celebrate the feast of the Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the temple, by ancient tradition the closing feast of the Christmas season. Candles will be carried in honour of the one who is the Light of the world.