Pastoral Notes 28th December 2014

Stained glass window - Northamptonshire Diocesan insignia After Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, the diocese has St Thomas Becket as patron. In our Northampton Cathedral, with some searching, we can find a stained-glass window depicting Saint Edward, and also, in our own Kettering church there is a reminder of St Thomas Becket. Looking from the altar, there is a window on the right side, behind the benches, of the general diocesan coat-of-arms, with three crows on it. In the side aisle, next to the confessionals, is another coat of arms of the bishop Laurence Youens, who had our church built – and you can see the three crows again with the lilies of Our Lady also.
St Thomas Becket died as a martyr, defending the freedom of the Church in 1170, in his Canterbury Cathedral. Pope John Paul II knelt and prayed at his tomb with the then archbishop, Robert Runcie in 1982.

Stained glass window in St. Edward's Church with the coat of arms of Bishop Youens