Pastoral Notes 27th May, 2018

This feast has a special link with our diocese. The Holy Trinity was especially honoured in England. St Thomas Becket, having been ordained at Canterbury on the Octave day of Pentecost – hence, the Sunday after Pentecost – decreed that, in his diocese in the year 1162 the first Sunday of Ordinary time would be dedicated to the Most Blessed Trinity and the feast was gradually extended to the whole Church.
St Thomas Becket is the secondary patron (after the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady) of our Northampton Diocese. Thomas was summoned to the then Royal Court in Northampton for opposing the King and he arrived in full archbishop’s regalia – only to tell the Court they had no jurisdiction over him. He fled to France in 1164 but returned when peace was made with the king in 1170 only to be martyred in his cathedral on 29th December of that year.