Pastoral Notes 27th August, 2017

Daily Scripture readings for the week are listed at the bottom of the first page of the bulletin. Evidently the decision was made by those responsible in Rome to give us a taste of all the different books of the Bible. Of course, there is nothing to stop people reading, for example, the whole of the book of Ruth – quite short – while at Mass we have selections only. There was a time before the Vatican Council (1962-65) when we had the same Gospel and (one) Reading every year for the 52 Sundays. The present arrangement hopes to help us hear the whole Bible, more or less, which also is quite a challenge. ‘Bible Time-Lines’ and Bible groups are meant to help us become more knowledgeable about the different books, where there is always more to learn.

Note from Webmaster: Mass readings from the Jerusalem Bible can be found through this link: