Pastoral Notes 26th March, 2017

To all Foodbank Staff, Volunteers, Supporters & Donors
The team that currently manages the Foodbank operation in Kettering is planning to stop their involvement with it by the end of May this year. This will be a complete withdrawal as a partial one has been tried and failed! There are two options – one is a complete closure and distribution of goods to similar charities. The second is that another group takes over, in which case a written proposal would need to be made to the present Foodbank which is in agreement with its current aims etc. Contact is available at or by phone on 07591 529387 or by letter to Kettering Foodbank, c/o 29 Eskdale Street, Kettering, NN16 8RA. This will be on Facebook (but no discussion via that medium) and in the meantime the Foodbank will continue as normal.