Pastoral Notes 25th September, 2016

It was Pope John Paul II’s initiative in 1986 to call together leaders of World Faiths, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and many others, to pray for peace in the world. It also expressed a change in the Church’s approach to other faiths, one of mutual respect and concern to work together for the good of mankind. The need to pray for peace is if anything even more evident today, with so many countries involved in war. Pope John Paul chose to meet in Assisi because St Francis of Assisi is such a universally respected figure with a sense of thanksgiving for all God’s creatures, something which again touches us very much today. This year, on 20th September, it was the turn of Pope Francis to call others to Assisi. The Pope himself chose the name – for the first time ever for a Pope – out of love for St Francis. May we support local initiatives for understanding in our parish.