Pastoral Notes 25th October, 2015

The care of Syrian Refugees was raised at the last parish forum meeting. The Diocesan policy at present is to make donations to CAFOD earmarked for refugees. The following may also be of interest. “The Dominican Sisters and Comboni Sisters run two well-respected hospitals in Jordan, one in the capital, Amman, and the other in Karak, further to the south. Since the start of the war in Syria in 2011 the Sisters have been inundated every day with desperate Syrians seeking help for their sick and injured children and babies. Sometimes just a few antibiotics will solve the problem, but other children need complicated operations”. ‘Every penny you raise will go to the sisters’. An address you can write to is Adrian Hatch, International Refugee Trust, P.O. Box 31452, London W4 2FE, or mark an envelope, cheque/money to pass through the Parish.