Pastoral Notes 25th January 2015


England has had several patron-saints. At St Edward’s church, there is a picture behind the big crucifix on the sanctuary, a reproduction of a very old painting, showing St Edmund Martyr, (killed by a Danish invasion in Anglo-Saxon times), also St Edward, our own patron, died 1065, and flags of St George, a Palestinian saint, and old Roman soldier, all three patrons of England at different times. St John Bosco has his feast on Saturday 31st January. An Italian priest of the 19th century, at the time of Italy being unified as one country, he was much-loved in his life-time, and founded a religious congregation to teach children. He is well-known in India and loved through the educational work of St John’s followers. A few of us visited a shrine of Blessed Cyprian Tansi (died 20th January 1964 in Leicester Royal Infirmary), monk of Mount St Bernard’s Abbey. A Nigerian priest, he had hoped to bring monastic life to Nigeria. There is a big gathering of Nigerian Catholics in August every year, to celebrate his feast-day and we have his picture in the Lady Chapel. But perhaps someone can tell us who the patron saint of Nigeria is?