Pastoral Notes 25th February, 2018


Jesus is taken down from the crossA woman who was an early pilgrim to Jerusalem and all the holy places recorded in the Gospels has left us a written record of her journey in those early centuries of the Church when it was still possible to visit freely. With the establishment of Islam and the subsequent wars and crusades, pilgrimage became impossible, though the holy places were respected. Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) decided to visit on his own to preach the Gospel. He was met with great respect (perhaps some astonishment) and, though making no converts, was left free to visit everywhere connected with Jesus’s life as Islam respects Jesus as a great prophet. Then the religious ‘family’ of St Francis established the stations of the cross, so that we could follow Jesus’s journey to the cross in our own churches and country. The ‘stations’ have become a universal mark on the walls of our Catholic churches and maybe some other churches too. Lent is a special time to walk quietly round the church and pray at each ‘station’. Booklets are also available to guide our pilgrimage.

The prayers are said together in Lent every Friday 6.45pm and Sunday at 5.00pm (where possible), as well as in Rothwell and Desborough after weekday Mass.

St. Edward’s Parish Online Stations of the Cross are available