Pastoral Notes 24th September, 2017

Where do our priests come from ?
In our diocese, as in many in England and Wales, the bishop relies increasingly on missionary priests to take up posts in our parishes, appropriate to our multicultural communities. There are now many Missionaries of St Francis de Sales appointed to our parishes. St Francis de Sales was himself a missionary bishop in Switzerland, in the time of the Reformation. He lived 1567-1622 and was made patron saint of journalists in 1877, for his helpful writings for us. (In 1864 the parish of Wolverton, Milton Keynes, took him as their patron). In a time of great animosity and bloodshed between Churches, he wrote: “Whoever preaches with love is preaching effectively against heretics, even though he does not say a single controversial word against them”. In our happier ecumenical times, he remains a good patron. We welcome warmly Father Paul, who is a member of the missionaries of St Francis de Sales.