Pastoral Notes 24th June, 2018

This four-yearly competition seems regularly to leave the nation biting its nails, more in hope than expectation, although a good start has been made with England’s first game. (I appreciate that many in our congregation will be cheering on a great variety of different nations!) It always brings to mind the one occasion when, the competition being played in England, the English team actually won. I believe it was 1966. Two brothers were among those picked for the national team, one Bobby Charlton, somewhat more famous than his brother Jack Charlton (who went on to become a much-loved manager of the Ireland football team). At some stage Jack reminisced about being picked for the team, explaining how he asked – very humbly – the manager why he had picked him, as there were many other better and more famous players. The manager said, You are right. I have not chosen you because you are the best, but because you just fit best into the team! It seems to me a nice image of the Christian community where we all ‘just fit’ into our particular place, for the benefit of all.