Pastoral Notes 24th April, 2016

On Monday (25th April) we remember St Mark, writer of the Gospel of St Mark, while early tradition has it that he was a companion and ‘secretary’ for St Peter, passing on what he has heard from the chief of the apostles. He seems to be mentioned in a letter of St Paul as unable to keep up with that tireless missionary! Mark’s Gospel gives us a sense of urgency in the face of persecution. It is the shortest of the Gospels.
This week we also remember St Catherine (1347-1380), a lay-member of the Dominicans, buried in a church in Rome. She was a woman of great prayer and writing, but also very practical, standing with many a criminal on the scaffold, helping them make a good death. She also told rather worldly Popes to do their duty, when they went to live in France, to escape a rather lawless city of Rome. We ask for God’s guidance in our own lives during the coming Parish Mission (14-19 May).