Pastoral Notes 23rd August, 2015

St. Rose of Lima by Claudio CoelloACROSS THE ATLANTIC
The holy picture by the Reading-stand at St. Edward’s this weekend is of St Rose of Lima in Peru, who died in 1617, and whose feast-day is 23rd August. She and her friend, St Martin de Porres, are the first canonised saints of South America. Rose was a member of the Third Order of St Dominic, for lay people. This year we have had the beatification of Oscar Romero, a 20th century saint, bishop of San Salvador, in El Salvador. On 26th August is the memorial day of Blessed Dominic Barberi, an Italian saint, and missionary to England in the 19th century, who preached and heard confessions in spite of great difficulties with the language: he received Cardinal Newman into the Church, who instantly recognised Blessed Dominic’s holiness. Dominic died on Reading Station from a heart-attack, while on a missionary journey on 17th August 1849, aged 57.

St. Rose of Lima by Claudio Coello