Pastoral Notes 21st October, 2018

Parish Changes
Some may not appreciate some of the changes in our local parishes which have taken place this year. Canon Michael Harrison has a Polish curate at Our Lady’s Corby, but is now looking after Thrapston, Raunds and Oundle (the latter with help from retired Father Robert). Father Brian has officially ‘retired’ but, as some will have noticed, he is also at times able to help in our own parish at a Sunday Mass.

Last Thursday (18th October) was the feast of St Luke, who appears as companion of St Paul in the last part of the Acts of the Apostles, and who is named as writer of one of the Gospels. He is also named as a ‘doctor’ and so appropriately is the patron saint of our pastoral area or deanery (as it was known), with our General Hospital and Hospice and Care Homes in mind.