Pastoral Notes 21st May, 2017

The attempt of our ‘Footsteps’ young group to visit this church was thwarted this year with the first onset of substantial rain, but a visit is recommended. The church is Saxon and believed to have been built in 750 AD. When the Romans finally left Britain the obvious thing to do was to use their old brick-built dwellings for other purposes. Many old Roman bricks can be seen on this church, believed to have begun life as a monastery. The monk St Augustine was sent to Britain in 597 AD, fearing fierce opposition, but he was well received, landing in southern England and not travelling further than London! Brixworth is a handsome building with (later) spire. The Christian mission continues with us, by God’s grace. Visits to this old church is a reminder of many generations surviving all sorts of difficulties and still bringing the Gospel to others today.