Pastoral Notes 21st August, 2016

Italian Missionaries
People leave their home country to travel to England for a variety of reasons – some have come as missionaries. On Friday we remember a member of the Passionist Order who grew up convinced that he would one day come to England. Born on 22nd June 1792 he joined the Passionist Congregation in 1814 and became known as Dominic of the Mother of God. He felt a divine call to work especially in England, although he knew no English. When he arrived in England in 1841 his difficulty with the English language continued, but he was somehow perfectly understandable in confession and preaching. He travelled in many parts of the Midlands, at one point being called to receive John Henry Newman, famous scholar and convert to the faith, who later wrote he felt instantly Dominic’s holiness. Broken finally by his labours he collapsed on Reading Railway Station in 1849 and died soon afterwards. He was pronounced Blessed by Pope Paul VI in 1963.