Pastoral Notes 20th January, 2019

Our Soup Kitchen was given a powerful nudge on its way by Rev Leslie McCormack, from the church of SS Peter & Paul. The Methodist minister, Rev De Boize, spoke to us at Sunday Mass to encourage the work of the Street Pastors, all some years ago now. The happy relations between Christian denominations seeking to build unity looks back to the early 1990s and much more recently the week of prayer 18th-25th January. Our Catholic Universal Council 1962-65 in Rome of the world’s bishops gave a powerful boost to our Catholic sharing with other Churches, seeking to learn afresh. It is a work which continues in multiple friendships. Recently, the general wish has been to change the date of the annual remembrance of Christian Unity to later in the year. In our own community I have been urged to remember the original week of prayer for Christian Unity to honour all who have worked and prayed over the years. In short, in St Edward’s on Thursday 24th January we will have a service of Evening Prayer (Vespers) – but not Benediction: ecumenism has not quite got that far! – at 7.30pm, with hymns, psalms, a short homily and times of quiet to remember the past, and pray for the future.