Pastoral Notes 20th August, 2017

The Greenbelt Festival for young people held at Boughton House on the edge of Kettering, is open to all Christian Churches, and this year for the first time will have a Catholic Mass in one Tent at 7pm Sunday 27th August. Canon John will preside at the Mass but a famous Spanish Nun called Sister Teresa Forcades will speak at the Mass. All are welcome.

Many Sisters have had a great impact on the Church in recent years. Most famous, perhaps, is Sister Theresa of Calcutta, now given the title Blessed, in her care for the poorest of the poor. One Sister in America has featured in a famous film, Dead Men Walking, pleading for an end to the death-penalty in America. Many others have devoted their lives in the fields of education and nursing. Sister Teresa Forcades evidently has her own special gift.