Pastoral Notes 20th April 2014

Festal Songs written in the 12th century to be sung just before the Gospel at some major feasts of the year are still part of our heritage. One Easter Song reads:-
“Christians, to the Paschal Victim offer praise, the sheep are ransomed by the Lamb, and Christ the undefiled, hath sinners to his Father reconciled. Death with Life contended, combat strangely ended: Life’s own champion slain, yet lives to reign. Tell us, Mary, say what thou didst see upon the Way. The Tomb the Living did enclose; I saw Christ’s glory as he rose! The angels there attesting; shroud with grave-clothes resting. Christ, my hope, has risen: he goes before you into Galilee. That Christ is truly risen from the dead we know. Victorious King, thy mercy show!”
(Several Easter hymns are based on these lines).