Pastoral Notes 1st March 2015

The transfiguration of JesusOur churches are adorned with many different images, stained-glass windows, paintings, in a tradition going back to the earliest days of the Church. There were violent movements of opposition which occurred in the first thousand years of the Church, a bit like our own Reformation, where many images were destroyed. Two major Councils of Bishops convened and upheld the positive use of images in church to support and encourage our prayer. In our time the images or ‘icons’ from the eastern part of the Church (Greece, Russia etc.) have become popular for their reverent and contemplative mark. For this Second Sunday of Lent, when the transfiguration of Jesus before his three disciples is commemorated, we have a copy of an ancient icon by the lectern, full of ‘light’. As the former prayer stated, ‘In him we see our God made visible, and so are caught up in love of the God we cannot see’.