Pastoral Notes 1st June 2014

Tuesday is the feast of the Uganda Martyrs of 1886, one of whom is named Kizito (as is Father Jo at the Refugee Centre). The picture by the Reading-stand in church recalls these 17 martyrs. Opposition to an abusive king, (not unlike Henry VIII in England), who had a Protestant missionary killed, began the journey for young men all under 25 to a cruel death. The persecution spread and Anglicans as well as Catholics gave their lives rather than deny Christ. The witness to death continued into the 1960s when famously an Anglican archbishop Lwum gave his life in Christian witness.
In the present political climate it is good to remember these martyrs, reminding us that our faith teaches us that ALL men and women, not some, have been made in God’s image and likeness, and worldwide, continue to give courageous witness to our faith.