Pastoral Notes 1st August, 2017


There are two ‘Soup Kitchens’ in Kettering – one at SS Peter & Paul Church, one at ‘The Hub’ in Montagu Street. On Tuesday there will be a third – at St Edward’s Hall. It is there to ensure, with the others, that people in difficulty can have a hot meal, who otherwise would not. No money is involved, only a warm welcome and – at least initially – a bowl of soup and a roll. In time this will develop to a more varied meal.
Various authorities have given generous donations to make the initial outlay possible. But we can all participate, with tins of soup for now, left in boxes provided at the back of all our four churches.
Planning and learning has gone on for four months. Our prayers and good wishes are with the first team of parishioners, with other teams following in the weeks ahead.