Pastoral Notes 19th May, 2019

The Easter Season
In the eastern Orthodox Christian tradition and eastern Catholic tradition, Deacons seem to have much singing to do in the Liturgy. On the Saturday before the Easter Vigil a Deacon will be in church (perhaps alone) chanting the whole of the Acts of the Apostles. For us, from Easter to Pentecost, we hear each day at Mass a Reading from the same Acts of the Apostles, which begins with the Ascension of Jesus and goes through to St Paul finally arriving as a prisoner in Rome. With the mission of Peter and, especially of St Paul, we are given a picture of the spread of the Church – not without its crises, which include the first ‘Council; of the early Christian community, which makes clear the end of the Jewish dietary laws, and so symbolises the word of Jesus meant for all peoples, in faith, hope and charity. St Paul’s arrival in Rome, and later St Peter, future martyrs both, expresses the same message.