Pastoral Notes 19th March, 2017

Homeless people are increasingly evident on our streets. A helpful guide has been produced by Housing Justice in partnership with Church Housing Trust and Caritas Westminster, Churches working together. Every homeless person is an individual with their own unique story, but it is not always easy to see the best way to help. We are advised NOT to give money, which could feed an addiction. “Keep a stock of chocolate bars, non-perishable food, bottles of water, new socks and underwear to give out instead.” Soup Kitchens are beginning to appear in different churches for one day a week, which need a good crowd to help with. So much more could be said. We need compassion and good sense, and concern for better care in our society, to allow everyone their place, while being grateful for the good help being given. (A leaflet from ‘Housing Justice’ is available from the presbytery).