Pastoral Notes 19th July 2015

Our Lady of Mount CarmelOUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL
One of the feasts of the Church which seems to be particular to Britain is on 16th July – Our Lady of Mount Carmel – remembering hermits in Palestine uniting at Mount Carmel, famous for great deeds of the prophet Elijah (9th century BC) and the origin of the religious Order of Carmelites. We might think of St John of the Cross and St Theresa of Avila in Spain, from the 16th century. Nearer to hand, we might think of St Theresa of Lisieux from France who died in 1897 at the age of 24, and pronounced a Doctor (teacher) for the Church. The life of Carmel is one of daily quiet work and prayer, contemplation. In our very busy world this may seem very difficult, alternatively quite attractive! As we approach the time of school holidays, we might think of enjoying relaxing, and being renewed in prayer, ‘doing all ordinary things with extraordinary love’ (St Theresa of Lisieux).