Pastoral Notes 19th February, 2017

First of all, we must be thankful for all who serve the parish in this ministry – taking Holy Communion to the housebound and those in hospital. It is always a very moving sight at the end of Mass to see people leaving early to fulfil this commission. Secondly, it is perhaps worth remembering that the patron saint of these ministers is an early Roman martyr, Saint Tarcisius, who was attacked and killed by a curious antagonist mob. They found no host on him: the Eucharist remains a profound mystery. And a third practical note, perhaps not considered. Altar cloths, altar vessels are all regularly cleaned – have you ever thought of washing/polishing the pyx, the vessel for Holy Communion? It is worth doing so, especially after long use – something practical and quite in order.

Again, we thank God for all services given, public or hidden, God’s blessings on all our daily tasks.