Pastoral Notes 18th November, 2018

Our Unfolding Story
Last weekend’s commemoration of those fallen in war, especially the First World War, may remind us also of the long history of our Faith, with all sorts of different responses to Christ’s call. In the feasts of this last week we were reminded of St Josaphat, a Ukranian Orthodox Bishop, who was martyred in his efforts to unite his people with Rome and the Pope. But today real steps have been taken, recognising unity of faith, alongside different ways of celebrating our common Faith. This coming week we are reminded of St Edmund, a Saxon King still commemorated in Bury St Edmund, a town in Suffolk, an early martyr. And on Thursday in St Cecilia (patron saint of choirs) we are reminded of ordinary men and women who suffered in Roman times for their faith, as also Pope St Clement (90 AD) whose letter to Greece we still read today. And then (Saturday) the many Vietnamese martyrs are remembered – and to the many faithful Christians of our own time, many men and women suffering for their faith in the Far East, and in Europe, in their protest against tyranny.