Pastoral Notes 18th May 2014


Statue of St. Nicholas Owen

Many future English martyrs passed through Northamptonshire, not only Blessed Peter Wright, born in Slipton. St Edmund Campion, another Jesuit priest, stayed at Harrowden Hall (now a Golf Club!) near Wellingborough. There is a priests’-hole there, a cleverly disguised escape-hole should the Police turn up unexpectedly. There is a priest-hole in Drayton House by the village of Lowick, also not far from Thrapston. A number of priests are known to have stayed there. In Rushton Hall, now a hotel, a priest-hole was discovered not very long ago, not known of for centuries. St Nicholas Owen, patron of our Burton Latimer church, was a great carpenter who constructed priest-holes at night, telling only the owner of the house, so that no one could be tempted to reveal the hiding places. St Nicholas was eventually caught and died on the rack, without revealing any secrets.