Pastoral Notes 18th January 2015

Sister Anita, known as Sister LizIt is with much sadness, but also with heartfelt gratitude for her life, that we record the death, on Tuesday 13th January, of much-loved Sister Anita, known to so many in our town as Sister Liz. In Teaching and Nursing, Counselling and Visiting, she has become a by-word for her wisdom, humour and down-to-earth advice – and unfailing care.
Our thoughts must be first of all with her religious Sisters, Marion and Aidan in Kettering, Theresa in Nazareth House, Northampton, and her other Sisters in communities throughout the world, not forgetting her brother, and untold number of friends over so many years. As she prayed for so many in her life, so we prayerfully commend her to God’s loving care. “Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the House of the Lord”.