Pastoral Notes 18th February, 2018

Daily Readings through Lent are chosen to illustrate the season. Monday 19th February begins with charity – avoiding harming our neighbour (Old Testament) and reminding us that our love of neighbour is truly love for Christ himself. Tuesday 20th February reminds us of this season of prayer as Jesus gives us the ‘Our Father’, the prayer we say as a community, and seeking mutual healing. Wednesday 21st February is of a renewed conversion of heart, daily, as the Lord welcomes us into His heart. Thursday 22nd February encourages us not to give up, to persevere in prayer and faith. Friday 23rd February is more penitential ! – a call to turn to God again, a change of view, of heart, of understanding deepened. Saturday 24th February reminds us that we are in this together, we belong to the family of God’s people. And Sunday (2nd Lent) shows us the transfigured glory of the Lord with us, though hidden, as we live our daily lives.