Pastoral Notes 17th April, 2016

There are now prayer-cards available for a daily prayer for the coming Parish Mission, praying that we may all
benefit from it, welcoming two brothers and two sisters of the Renewal. We might pray for those coming to give the
Mission, speaking both in all of our churches, and in our two schools. We might pray for each other also, for this to
be a time of blessing, remembering families, any who are sick, at home or in hospital, especially any struggling with
their faith – to be granted new light and understanding. In this we pray, of course, first of all for ourselves. The word
‘Mission’ we know from other situations, people sent on a mission. At Easter we are reminded of Jesus breathing on
the disciples and sending them out on their mission of faith. We are all ‘disciples’, which means ‘learners’, in our
faith. May we re-dedicate ourselves in faith to do God’s will.