Pastoral Notes 16th November 2014

Kind donations have been sent recently to Father Jo. The following are extracts from his letter on the notice-board (email). “Thanks for your kind message of great concern about me and my work. Our refugees from D R Congo drowned in Lake Albert while in transit for safety to our Settlement. 254 died. ….. a big shock and challenge … We suffered this blow for quite a long time (since incident in March 2014).” This year Fr Jo was also seconded to South Sudan with a team of NGOs to try and set up a system for reconciliation.
“Finally EBOLA came in as a new unwanted visitor. …. I am careful especially when it comes to the Sacraments of the sick and burial services! Rains are too much. Everywhere are floods. The money you sent me towards the end of last year helped a lot”. Father Jo managed a trip to the capital Kampala and so could use a computer at his sister’s house. “They have electricity sometimes”. He sends warm greetings to us all. “God willing, I will have another visit to Kettering next summer 2015. This year God hasn’t wanted it!”