Pastoral Notes 16th August, 2015

Stained Glass picture of St. Edward - Victorian light HOLIDAY TIME  
Recently I spent a week in Cornwall, based in Falmouth. When somewhat lost in narrow lanes an little way out of the town I came across a subsidiary church, with Mass on Sunday and on a weekday – the church under the title of St Edward the Confessor. I also visited, with a steady crowd of tourists, Mount St Michael, a little off-shore but reached by a causeway – unless the tide is in. It is very ancient, going back to the Middle Ages, but today most buildings belonging to a family, although originally a Benedictine monastery (founded from Mont St Michel off the coast of France). One ancient exhibit is a sort of square pillar topped by a crucifix on one side, and a picture of St Edward on another side. He has obviously been a popular saint for many centuries, and a good patron for our parish.