Pastoral Notes 15th November, 2015

Our newsletter prints the daily readings for weekday Masses as well as the coming Sunday. The Bible can be a daunting book taken as a whole, but short excerpts can be more digestible! We perhaps tend to think of the Old Testament as the same as the Jewish Bible, but the Old Testament we follow includes some extra books, not written originally in Hebrew but in Greek. Some of these more recent books are often read in church towards the end of the Church’s year, such as the Books of Maccabees, recalling a history around 164-160 BC and a rebellion of God’s people against Greek oppressors. The Books are more valued in the Church because they give a clearer statement of belief in an after-life, a belief in the resurrection, a matter of some division among the people in the time of the apostles, as is shown in some of the arguments of Scribes and Saduccees with Jesus. We might also remember in our prayers Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders today praying and working for a better understanding and respect between our different faiths.