Pastoral Notes 15th February 2015

SS Cyril & Methodius
We have become a truly global Catholic community. Pope John Paul II particularly reminded us of that with his many world travels – and in a more local way by naming several saints as co-patrons of Europe – including Cyril & Methodius (feast 14th February), brothers and missionary bishops to the southern Slavic peoples (they died respectively in 869 and 884 AD). St Cyril has given his name to the Cyrillic alphabet familiar to us from Russian script. Great works of translation of the Scriptures and Liturgy were undertaken, not without opposition. History tells us of a rift in the Church with the eastern (orthodox) Churches, not so much in faith, as in the order and organisation of Churches. On the eve of Lent we pray to grow in faith, in appreciation of different cultures and growing in charity.