Pastoral Notes 13th August, 2017

There has been a real effort over the years to provide an opportunity to celebrate Mass in each of our four churches, with the help of a Sunday Service of Word & Communion taking the place of a different Mass each week. There is a weekday Mass once a week at each of the churches outside Kettering, still including the Convent thankfully.
For the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, we are following the arrangements for Sundays and major Holydays, with a vigil Mass at St Edward’s, as well as a morning Mass, but also celebrating Mass in the other churches we have.
The special saint commemorated in the Church calendar on weekdays is always indicated in the parish bulletin. It may be a saint for whom there is a special devotion. This week we remember Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest, who took the place of a fellow prisoner in Auschwitz concentration camp in WW2, so able to minister to others condemned to death by starvation.

Fr. Maximilian Kolbe, 1939

Fr Maximilian Kolbe, 1939